PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana

Transportation is an important part between industrial side and distribution process, particularly for petroleum company supplier and for consumer.
Our aim is to distribute the petroleum in good condition whenever the consumers ask. A precise and safe performance is required in the measurement process until the loading process to the customer.

PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana is highly experienced in the fuel distribution, particularly for petroleum. We have been fully trusted by PERTAMINA to supply fuel gas stations at various starions, till our company become Pertamina’s petroleum agent in Borneo.
Our company always consider safety level in the loading and unloading process.
All process are handled by experts. We also train the ship crew for emergency cases in order to minimize the unwanted  impact.

PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana is always concerned in upgrading and empowering the fleet crew, it could be noticed from the fleet and barge which are equipped with double hull frame system to ensure a full protection against leakage.
Aside committed for keeping the goods safety, PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana is also concerned about the cleanliness of the river and the sea which are by our fleet.

PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana constantly expands the range distribution to whole area which aim to push the oil and gas business  in Indonesia.

One of our other service in Borneo is a services agent. Agent goal is to help the vessel acquire the permit for docking arid an official document of properness to operate from the Indonesian port.



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