PT. Masada Jaya Lines

PT Masada Jaya Lines, established in July 2003, is a subsidiary of the Sinar Alam Group, which was established specifically to support logistical transportation with a tugboat / barge fleet. Transport commodities consist of Split Rock / Sand Coal, Construction Materials, and Nickel. At the request of coal transportation, the stakeholders negotiated by making a fleet with a variety of barge sizes, ranging from 240 feet, 270 feet, 300 feet to 330 feet. Types of transportation services include Domestic / Inter-island areas and transshipment to ships that dock at the estuary.

Total amount of coal transportation from 2013 to 2018
2013 = 2,565,005 MT
2014 = 3,431,978 MT
2015 = 3,435,344 MT
2016 = 3,498,440 MT
2017 = 4,434,957 MT
2018 = 4,765,241 MT

Until the third Quarter of 2019, the capacity and number of barges acquired / controlled by PT Masada Jaya Lines
3,500 MT = 1 x 240 feet
7,450 MT = 20 x 300 feet
8,200 MT = 4 x 300 feet
8,500 MT = 3 x 300 feet
9,000 MT = 5 x 300 feet
10,000 MT = 2 x 330 feet
Total barges are: 25 Owned operators and 10 units as.

The feasibility of the fleet is our priority scale to continue to meet customer needs
We are committed to requesting the use of Fuel Consumption and Sailing Vessels in accordance with the conditions set by the customer
As much as possible it is necessary to load so that it is always safe and that there are no deficiencies during the trip
In the case of Ship Agency Services, it has competitiveness in terms of price and accuracy as well as speed in providing services

Our Clinet:
PT Antang Gunung Meratus, TBK (Baramulti group)
PT Patria Maritime Line (Astra group)
PT Trubaindo (Banpu group) Coal Mining
PT PLN Batubara
PT Muji Lines (Bayan group)
PT Maritime Barito Perkasa (Adaro group)
PT Prima Multi Mineral (Astra group)
PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa, Tbk.
PT Semen Indonesia, Tbk.




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