PT Kalianda Golden Bunker

PT. Kalianda Golden Bunker (KGB) is a business unit of the Sinar Alam Group engaged in the energy sector, located in Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan.

PT. Kalianda Golden Bunker is a national private company engaged in the trading of industrial fuel oil and the transportation of fuel, which is located at Jl. Kapten Piere Tendean RT. 17 No. 174 Banjarmasin, established on October 12, 2002. PT. KGB serves the supply of Non-Subsidized Industrial Fuel/Diesel to companies, especially for the South Kalimantan region.

PT. Kalianda Golden Bunker started to become a BBM agency company, PT. PERTAMINA PATRA NIAGA on June 12, 2012. Over time, as a result of hard work and professional and credible management support, the company continues to grow rapidly and get great trust from PT. PERTAMINA PATRA NIAGA and the world of business or industry.

PT. Kalianda Golden Bunker



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