PT Chandra Batuah Mustika Lestari

This company was founded from a market opportunity to engage in heavy equipment rental services to support mining in Indonesia. In 2000, the management of the Sinar Alam Group business group made a strategic decision to form a new business unit that focuses on heavy equipment rental services for mining operations. Its business unit is named PT Chandra Batuah Mustika Lestari, which is known as PT. CBML.

PT. CBML is managed independently, professionally, and systemically, with a focus on providing the best heavy equipment, new products, safety, and the best service for all customers. We quickly learn and assimilate the corporate culture of our world-class customers & partners, and continuously strive for excellence, to achieve optimal productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our mining clients recognize the advantages of using us as a mining contractor as they can focus on mining exploration.

In addition, our extensive knowledge of working conditions and local laws, whether negotiating with residents or with government agencies, is a distinct advantage. This enables a smooth and efficient workflow and ensures the successful and timely completion of projects.

PT. Chandra Batuah Mustika Lestari - Mining Contractor



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