PT. Dutabahari Menara Line - Passenger

PT. Dutabahari Menara Line is a sea transportation service company. This company was founded on November 30, 1988, by Herman Chandra. This company is located in Banjarmasin.

PT. Dutabahari Menara Line is engaged in sea transportation services and has several ships, namely:

Tugboat  :  9 Unit
Tongkang  :  5 Unit
Motor Tanker  :  1 Unit
Tanker  :  3 Unit
Self-Propeller Oil Barge   :  3 Unit
Passenger Vessel   :  4 Unit

With the credibility of the company from 1985 until now, our company has become a leading and trusted company. PT. Dutabahari Menara Line also has a good name in terms of distribution of the transportation business in almost all areas across Kalimantan. We have served customers using vessels with a transport capacity for small to large scales.

In addition, PT. Dutabahari Menara Line has several passenger motorboats operating in Ketapang Gilimanuk and Merak Bekauheni.

PT. Dutabahari Menara Line is also one of the companies trusted by PT. PERTAMINA PATRA NIAGA, for long time charters.

 To anticipate the era of globalization, the Company is strengthening its infrastructure by adding water transportation facilities, namely large-capacity Motor Tankers to expand the distribution of Fuel Oil throughout Indonesian Waters.

We are also trying to introduce new management systems namely distribution systems, environmental safety, and Community development. We believe that with professionalism and experience from year to year and with strong motivation, we can be able to compete in the world of the oil transportation business.

We have a good name in terms of distribution in the transportation business and almost all areas across Kalimantan

PT. Dutabahari Menara Line - Passenger



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