President Director

Rosita Sriwangi Kalianda
Work performance and commitment are essential matters to me
Rosita S. K.

SinarAlam Group started up in 1985, and since that moment I started to build trust and the image of the company group among the clients, furthermore across river distribution in Borneo is already served by our fleet.

In the vast industrial development, I keep encouraging the company to expand the quantity and the fleet distance range. during the development, I also expanded by adding more fleets for mining materials, particularly for coal mining.

The trust and the reputation that has been acquired from the loyal client, lead SinarAlam Group to become the best and most highly regard to conduct distribution service for coal, fuel oil, up for national shipping sectors.

I will keep assisting and developing my company to answer the demands of Indonesia's industrial development.

President Director

Rosita S. K.

Mrs. Rosita Sriwangi Kalianda is a successful businesswoman. She is a wife of Mr. Herman Chandra who is one of the most reliable businessman in Kalimantan.

Together with great tenacity they were able to establish the SinarAlam Corporation business group which is one of the largest corporate groups in Kalimantan. They have been in business since 1985, starting with serving the distribution of fuel oil along the Barito River and combining them to become a company called PT. Sinaralam Dutaperdana which is growing rapidly now.

To improve the service of fuel needs, coupled with increased effectiveness and efficiency in terms of transporting fuel with various supply patterns, the Sinar Alam Group has hundreds of fuel trucks with various capacities of 5 KL, 10 KL, 16 KL, and 24 KL as operational facilities for land fleet fuel, Oil Tankers, Motor Tankers and SPOBs with a capacity of 100 KL to 15,000 KL as river and sea operational facilities.

SinarAlam Group through its business unit PT. Sinaralam Dutaperdana II already has a General Trading License (INU) and also HSD fuel import quotas from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. PT. Sinaralam Dutaperdana II is Ready to supply more than 1,000,0000 liters of fuel/day with 3 lines, namely Filling Sheets, Floating Storage, and Jetty Facilities in strategic locations.

SinarAlam Group also has the largest oil palm plantation in South and Central Kalimantan.

SinarAlam Group has developed its group's line of business and it already has 23 subsidiary companies spread throughout Indonesia.

The Sinar Alam Group's business in general is engaged in Indonesia:
  1. Agribusiness & Construction.
  2. Trading & Services.
  3. Entertainment & Hospitality.
  4. Shipping & Logistics.
  5. Manufacturing.