PT. SADP II Gelar Pelatihan DAMKAR

Banjarmasin 24 Sept 2020 - PT. SADP II holds a Fire Fighting Training (DAMKAR), namely fire fighting using a light fire extinguisher (Apar) and Hydrant Pump in collaboration with the Banjarmasin Municipal Government Damkar.

This training was held at the storage tank development project location on the banks of Kali Barito, Kuin Cerucuk Village, South Banjarmasin District, yesterday at 15.30 WITA.

The employees and security present were told how to use the fire extinguisher, such as pulling a tube lever, and turning off the fire in the direction of the wind blowing. In this training, a fire is set up in an empty tank doused with pertalite and ignited.

This training activity is an effort to anticipate when employees or security find a fire, both in the building and while on duty, such as an incident that occurred in several areas in Banjarmasin City, some time ago.